Cats and Cards don't mix!

by Sydney Bonham
(Forest Park, GA)

Origami Christmas Tree

Origami Christmas Tree

I always have "help" from my cat Marvin whenever I'm making cards.

He loves to bite any piece of paper that moves and has "autographed" a lot of things.

Paper strings are a favorite of his, along with anything that looks like it might move.

Last year I found the instructions for Origami Christmas Tree cards at Seasons of Stamping website, and was so pleased with myself after finishing the very first one.

It really did look good! I can't remember what made me get up - either the doorbell or the phone rang - and when I got back, there was Marvin, happily munching on the tree!

Luckily, I was able to take it apart and re-do the chewed parts, but learned a valuable lesson.

Never turn my back on a finished card when Marvin is around!!

Christina says ...

What a lovely story and I am sure Marvin is a much loved cat .... despite his card making efforts!

Origami is a fabulous way to use up papers. There are so many ways and ideas to fold the paper.

It takes some practise to get good results and this one is just lovely even after Marvins input.

But I suppose lesson learned and he will now be banished from a finished card.

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Mar 06, 2013
Cats & Cards
by: 'Cepta

Of course cat's hair is everywhere. It seems to have a ghost-like life so we cannot always see it to catch it with the vacuum cleaner.

My cat named Cheeky, now 16 years, still likes to play now and then. She has the knack of finding and running off with my ribbons, the longer the better. Does she know that is a 'no no?'. You bet she does. As soon as I call her name, she drops her prize and scurries off. When she sees a bunch of ribbons together, usually she will help herself to the nicest piece, the best quality, and there you have the reason for her name! When she arrived, took up residence, and made it very clear she was not leaving, she planted herself firmly into a strong position of dominance. We had a few other rescued kittens, but she took over. She was probably about 3 or 4 months then, but boy...did she know her own mind even at that age. She was well cared for, not abandoned, have no idea why she left home and 'adopted' us. But we were stuck with her from day 1. Her choice, not ours. so crafters, take care not to leave your ribbons or flowers within sight of your cat(s). 'Cepta

Feb 16, 2013
My kitty problems
by: Chelle

Like the others, I totally relate! My biggest problem with card making and kitties is the ever-present issue of kitty fur on my cards.

I have 2 long-haired kitties, and I brush them as I should, and keep an otherwise clean and well-vacuumed home, but cat fur is a never-ending battle! Anyone else with this problem?

Regardless of what kind of adhesive I use, I will be picking cat fur out of it with tweezers. For example, I can use a tape runner, and invariably kitty fur will have somehow managed to adhere itself to the runner so that when I run the tape across my project, I'll often find several kitty hairs glued to my project.

It makes me crazy! This was never an issue until I got long-haired furrbabies. I grew up with a short-haired kitty, and this was never an issue. Any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Apr 14, 2012
Your right
by: Laura

Cats and cards do not mix your right my cat loves a good bit of paper to chew but its never my scrap paper always my cads.

Love the christmas tree card.

Jul 28, 2011
origami tree
by: rosie

lovely christmas previous cat loved tearing and biting paper too.must be fun trying to make cards!

Jul 28, 2011
Origami Tree
by: Lena

Fantastic ! It's really well crafted.

Jul 27, 2011
Cats & Cards don't mix
by: Lindsay

Lovely Xmas trees. Your folding looks very neat.

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