Tracing Paper Cards

by Madushi
(Gampaha, Western Sri Lanka)

Those are few cards I've made before I found your website.

I used only tracing papers.

But now I'm going to mix up your ideas and tracing papers as well.

Christina says ...

These are all very beautiful designs and Madushi has explained that she has very limited crafting stuff with which to produce them.

The colours are vibrant and they would take pride of place with any recipient.

Tracing paper is such a neat idea and the effects are lovley.

Combine these with your hand made papers and what a stunning card that would be.

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My New Attempts...

by Madushi
(Gampaha, Western, Sri Lanka)

These are some of my new creations. 3 of them are with tracing paper designs. I think in your country it's called PARCHMENT. I didn't know it before. :(

I don't have those embossing tools here. So I normally use an ink-less pen to emboss. I think it cannot be seen when the cards are finished decorating.

Normally I use many of your techniques now. So the result is a really ADORABLE CARD.

Specially now I decorate the inside of the card as well as the outside. So the recipient will love it.

Actually I love to make more and more cards with new ideas.

Christina says ...

There are many pages on the website to help with the folds and techniques that Madushi has used.

They are all there to help people make the most of this fantastic hobby I know.

Try the Diamond Top and the Stepper Card then work your way over to the Bow Front Card which is a real stunner.

These cards illustrate some of these folds to their best and there is nothing you cannot do if you set your mind to it.

All it takes is a little practise and you too can make cards that will "Wow" your recipients.

Adding the same features to the inside will make the card twice as beautiful.

Making A Card in the Tutorialssection will show you how to get the best results from start to finish

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Few Cards

by Madushi
(Gampaha, Western Sri Lanka)

Easy Step Card

Easy Step Card

I made cards for my relations and friends since school time and everyone said they were so creative.
But they were only simple cards.
Now I'm 25 years old and also a Lawyer.
More than my profession I like to make some creative things.

Card making is not the only thing I'm doing. I make 3D origami, amugurami, hand made papers and also sewing.

I am a Sri Lankan and I don't have so many good materials and equipment to make cards.

Normally I use wrapping papers, color A4 papers to decorate and only scissors to cut.

When I found this site I knew I can make them all. This is the best site I've ever seen. So many great ideas.

My mother also a well known craft maker (+ a Home Science Teacher) in Sri Lanka she's holding exhibitions.

In September we ( my mother, elder sister and me) are going to hold a family exhibition together. So these ideas are very useful for me.

After the exhibition I hope to publish my creations to selling places.

Thank you so much for your great ideas.

Christina says ...

Some of the techniques featured on the website have been covered by Madushi here and to great effect. And are those Paper Roses I see added to the Trellis Card????

It is always good to see how others interpret an idea. And these are beautifully done and I am sure your exhibition will go down really well.

I would love to see some of your handmade papers.
Perhaps you could add some photos to the gallery and tell us how you make them.

The instructuions for all these cards can be found in the NavBar to your left and most of them are in the Easy Projects section.

You will also find the video instructions for some in the Tutorials section.

Have fun and happy crafting.

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My Handmade Papers

by Madushi
(Gampaha, Western Sri Lanka)

Thank you Christina. Yes those are those Paper Roses in Trellis Card. Very first two I've made.(Hope those look good)

Here are some handmade papers made by me.

All the things found from my garden and all are rubbish papers.

My father made a mold for me. I found instructions from some websites, especially from PAPER ALICE.

Then made those in my own way.

Christina says ...

Handmade papers will make any projects look rich and these are absolutely beautiful.

You do not do your self justice in your description of them Madushi as they are certainly NOT rubbish.

(We are all our own worst critics and often under estimate our own talents)

I would be delighted to make a card form any one of these and the second one with the petals in it would be my first choice.

I don't know a lot about making papers in this way but I would love to learn.

I'll pop round with some biscuits and you can teach me!!!!

I wish...(sigh)

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Rocking Cards

by Madushi
(Colombo, Western Sri Lanka)

Purple Rocking Card

Purple Rocking Card

Here are 4 Rocking Cards I made with 4 colors ... using your instructions.

For pink and red cards I used parchment designs to decorate. I love this type of card. When I made one I wanted to make another, another and another.

Somehow I made them all in the same day from morning to night.

It's easy to make and looks beautiful.

Made them all very colorful except the pink one.
Everyone loved them.

Thank you for sharing your new ideas with us Christina.

Everyday I go through your website and look for new ideas you've given. It's a habit now.

Christina says ...

These Rocking Cards are so easy to make and the results are really pretty, as all your cards show Madushi.

The colours you have used are fresh and I esecially love the ribbon flower on the red card.

The instructions to make this card can be found in the Video Tutorials section and there are also written ones if you prefer to learn that way.

I hope you will give them a try along with many more ideas in each of the Projects sections. They can all be found in the NavBar to your left.

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For Mrs.Agnes Verkroost

by Madushi
(Colombo, Western Sri Lanka)

As I said before there are no equipments and materials in my country as yours.

A very kind lady named Agnes Verkroost, has seen my creations and the description and volunteered to help me with sending equipments and materials I need and want.

She sent me some parchment tools that I needed most, some brass templates, design book and some designs etc....(still sending)

With those things I made this pink card with a brass templates. (still I'm not very familiar with that)

With the designs and the parchment tools I made this purple parchment craft very easily than before.

And I made these 2 embroidery cards with the embroidery designs she has given me.

Actually I am indebted to her.

I like to dedicate my very first creations which I made by sending to her.

Plus I like to thank you very mush Christina for giving me the chance to show my creations in your site and sharing your golden ideas with us.

Actually now I can make adorable cards because of your instructions.

Christina says ...

As always Madishi your cards are beautiful and this is a lovely story that warms my heart.

It makes me feel really good to know that visitors to my website are interacting with each other and it is so kind of Agnes to send you the goodies.

The cards you have dedicated to Agnes I am pleased to show on the website and I am sure that Agnes will be overjoyed with your creations.

Thank for sharing this story and I am delighted to have contributed to your cardmaking.

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Addicted to making cards....

by Madushi
(Colombo Western Sri Lanka)

Step card

Step card

I make many cards these days as Mrs Agnes, who is sending me the goods, has sent many things.

Here are some cards I made.

Actually this is a new experience for me to make cards with this stuff.

First one is a Step card I made with a stamped image and dry embossed card boards which she has sent.

The second one is a parchment card I made using the tools she sent.

The third one is again a embossed card and some punched butterflies she sent. I love those butterflies a lot.

Last one is a Penny Slider card I made for my sister-in-law's birthday. She, and all the family were amazed with the card as they never saw such cards. I used an embossed paper and a handmade flower and a butterfly too...

Sorry if the cards cannot see well as I cannot focus them very well.I don't know why.

Thank you again and again for your great ideas Christina. Everybody loves my creations now because of your ideas...

Christina says ...

All the ideas that Madushi has used here can be found on the website and I am sure that you will agree she has done a fablulous job of putting her own stamp on things.

Have a good rummage around the Easy Projects section and then try some form the More Projects, Papercrafts, Novelty and Kinetic sections too.

As your confidence builds you will want to be more adventurous and there are a lot of Video Tutorials to help you get the results you want.

These are just lovely and I particularly love the Butterfly card.

It is so very kind of Agnes to send you the "Goodies" and it really makes your heart melt to know that there are people like her in the world.

I have no doubt that you will make many more beautiful cards and I hope you will continue to add them to the Gallery.

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Tried some techniques...

by Madushi
(Colombo, Western Sri Lanka)

Pink Mosaic

Pink Mosaic

I tried these 2 techniques from your site the Mosaic and the Double Slider. I love both as they look very beautiful at the end.

My first double slider card didn't work properly and I had to throw it away as it teared.

But didn't give up and made another. and that is the pink one. Hope it looks good.

For all cards I used stamped images, embossed cards, ribbons and the flowers which Mrs.Agnes sent me.

Feeling like I can make more stunning cards now than before.

Thank you Christina and Aunt Agnes for helping me with your ideas and sending me things I need.

Christina says ...

The Mosiac cards are just wonderful Madushi and I am so glad that you sent in the photos to the Gallery. It just goes to show what can be done with a little imagination.

The Double Slider cards are just as good and if at first you don't succeed then try and try again.
Your perseverence paid off and now you know how to make the cards.

The instructions for this card and many many more can all be found in the Easy and More Projects sections in the NavBard to your left.

Remember to make a template and keep it dsafe and then you will always have something to refer back to in the future.

Happy Crafting!!

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Creative Parchments

by Madushi
(Gampaha, Western, Sri Lanka)

Flower Garden

Flower Garden

These are some parchment crafts I made recently using the tools and pattern books that Mrs.Agnes has sent me.

Some pattern I created by myself.

For the second one I took that idea from a "YouTube" video.

I'm going to sell them in our family exhibition on 26th, 27th & 28th of January.

But I cannot give prices for any card as I worked hard for each.

I have this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year 2012.

Thank you so much Christina for helping us to show our skills like this and for giving your golden ideas to improve our creativity.

I wish you to have a great New Year full of joy and happiness with all of your family.

Christina says ...

I always admire parchment work as it looks so delicate, but I am sorry to say it is not one of my skills.

Your parchment work, as always Madushi, is exquisite and I thank you for displaying them on my website.

The intricacy of the designs does you credit and I especially love the Valentines Day Card.

I can see all the hard work that has gone into these designs and I wish you well with your family exhibition.

But I would advise any body to price themselves fairly for all their hard work when they want to sell the items that they create.

We are all our own worst critics and the tendency is to under price.

Take into account the materials used and the time it has taken you to produce your item, whatever it is.

But most of all take into account your own superb skill in creating such a beautiful work of art.

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Recently Made...

by Madushi
(Gampaha,Western,Sri Lanka)

Braided Ribbon card

Braided Ribbon card

These are the cards I made recently using some of your techniques.

First one I made using the Braided Ribbon tutorial. I used brown and orange colors.
I made 3 paper roses by cutting the edges with the shaped scissor...and added the butterfly which Mrs.Agnes sent me with cutting the wings...

The 2nd one is a pleated card....but no Spellbinders as I don't have them. But I cut only a circle and added punched flowers around it.

Then the 3rd one is a Rocking card. As you can see I added white and pink embossed card pieces to the under and cut the edges of the topper....and again made paper roses using scallop edge scissor.

The last one is a Gap card. And no special techniques besides that.

As always I used your ideas and techniques to make my cards and they came up beautifully.
Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us.

Christina says ...

ALL these cards are lovely Madushi and I love the Braided Ribbon card. It looks really good and the techniques is so easy to do and yet creates this fabulous look.

If you would like to try these ideas for your self then you will find a Video Tutorial in the NavBar to your left.

Then you too will be able to get the smae look as Madushi on your designs.

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