Card Making Supplies ...
that you make and sell

Card making supplies are always in great demand.

Are you interested in putting together items for other people to use on their cards?

Then try supplying shops, or selling online, the things you make.

You don't need to stop at cards for your creative outlets. Why not  supplies that you put together and sell.

Here you can use your talents to produce ready made toppers, or maybe you have a die cutting machine and you can produce packs of die cuts.

Make them seasonal and market them at the correct time.
(Packs of die cut eggs just before Easter) 

Perhaps you can tie beautiful bows, these will sell well, ready made in packs for others to just attach to their cards.

Books for journal keepers can be embellished in lots of ways, depending on the age group.

Can you make embellishments? Or maybe you can make small jewelley pieces to adorn a card. A very popular theme at present is crocheted flowers and these could be put together in packs too.

Another idea for you, is to put together kits of printed notelets with envelopes, or perhaps a set of "Thank you" cards.

Put together card kits,with a picture of the finished card, but don't forget you can't sell digital papers in packs and claim them as your own, when they are made by some one else, that is very naughty.

And for those with the confidence to do it...then Weddings are biiiig business! Produce favour boxes, invites, table decorations, menus, and every thing to match the Brides chosen colour scheme. A lot of work involved, but don't be afraid to go for it.

How about selling your goods in a market stall, or your own eBay shop. Millions of people shop online everyday, and eBay is an excellent source for all your products.

And if you are new to Net Auctions then read the free book to help you in your quest. Selling on eBay is a low risk way to start, and it can be selling anything you want.

The book will give you all the knowledge you need to get the best results from selling you card making supplies. 

Net Auction Masters Course

Own Your eBay Traffic

If you have your own website or blog then consider adding a shop to the pages as I have done. 

It could bring you in a steady income ... but you will need to put plenty of time aside to make the items for your shop and to keep it stocked up.

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