Cardmaking CDs

Cardmaking CDs are every just need to choose the ones you want.

Although there are lots of free downloads on the internet, there may come a time when you want something specific from a CD, and there are literally thousands to choose from.

They cover a multitude of subjects, and sometimes it's mind boggling trying to find one you really like.

They usually have lots of different categories that you can print, such as tags, envelopes and inserts, as well as the papers and toppers.

This can often amount to hundreds of items for you to use.

Many of them also have step by step projects for you to try too.

There are discs on Victorian themes, cartoon characters, hobbies, occupations, flowers, D.I.Y, Art Deco periods, templates, in fact anything you want to do, there will be a disc for it somewhere.

I have several cardmaking CDs that I like to use regularly, and some of the cards on this website are made using them.

This is just some of my collection.

If you have crafting friends or you are part of a group then it's a good idea to see what others have and maybe borrow some to see what you like.

Buy different ones to the ones they have and build up a collection for your group to share.

But take your time before you purchase, as it's only a good buy if you use it.

Perhaps your local library would have some that are available to borrow, that way you can try them out for free before you buy.

Or maybe you can find some discounted ones in the craft shops.

They are a good resource though and not one to pass up, and you will never be short of ideas.

Pop your disc into the computer and follow the projects on there, and put your own take on them for magical effects.

These glamorous ladies are from a  Debbi Moore  CD and there are lots more on there for you to create stunning cards.

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