Card Making Business

There are a million and one ideas for your card making business, and the competition is tough. But don't let that deter you.

Follow your dream and get what you want. Only you can do it! 

Starting and running your own  business is one option to consider. But what type of card do you produce?

Are you an excellent embroiderer, or quiller? Is your parchment craft just to die for? Do you have a preference for embossing or enamelling  Do you make hand painted cards, or maybe cards featuring photographs? 

If you make cards on a small scale then you could supply friends and family. Perhaps start a car boot sale or sell them in your workplace.

Visit retirement homes where maybe people can't get out to the shops. Or maybe the hospital has an outlet you could explore.

Try the local shops, the hairdresser may agree to stock some of your cards, or the garage where men go. There it is ....your creation! The memory jog they need for the card they forgot to buy! (Typical!)

The florist where a card can compliment the flowers someone has bought. Or the confectionery shop, near that last minute standby...the box of chocolates!

Open a stall in the market, or one of the mill outlets that now rent out stands. Lots of successful card making business people start in this way.

But remember you will need to keep it fully supplied on a regular basis.

How about exhibiting at Craft fairs. There are rules to follow for this and you will need to contact the organisers for their criteria. There are some links to craft fairs on that page on this site.

Card making is a very competitive market and you will need some business advice before you start it on a bigger scale, and there are a lot of good books to help you with the pitfalls.

There are lots of different card ideas and you will need to know the market you are aiming at. But remember even the big businesses had to start somewhere.

Do you want to make Birthday cards? Is there a specific age group you want to cater for? Do you have a particular talent you want to put into or on the card?

There is a market out there for handmade cards and people are willing to buy that extra special one for the person in their lives.

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