A Bird Card for someone ...
really "Tweet"

To make this Bird Card all you will need are some circle shapes, that you can cut with your punches. dies or use shop bought shapes

These little cards are another Novelty Card  project, and they produce some of the easiest, fun cards you can make.

There are lots of different designs for you to choose and most of them will use items that you already have 

Kids will love both making them and sending them to their friends

Step 1

You are going to need some circles in three different sizes, and pretty  papers of your choice in two different colours.

Two large circles, for the main body of the birds,
four small circles, which will make the wings.
four dot sized circles, for the feet.
Plus two pieces of scrap card, for the beaks.
Ink all the edges.

Step 2

Add your chosen backing paper to the base card. I have added a stripy panel to mine.

Using foam pads, build up each bird in one of the colours.

Place the two large circles for the body, add the two dot circles to the bottom for the birds feet.

Glue the beaks behind each of the bodies, so that they are just touching towards the centre of your card.

So each bird is now in one colour....Yes? Oh! good...

Step 3

Now we are going to add the wings to each body.

Use the opposite colour on each bird this time.

Take your small circles and cut them in half.

You will need three of these half circles to form the wings.

Glue the first one at an angle flat to the card.

Put the second one on a thin foam pad, to raise it up and stick it at an angle over the first flat shape.

Put the third one on a deeper foam pad and place at an angle over the other two. This will give them lift.

(If you don't have deeper foam pads then just layer two thin ones together)

You can see in the picture how the yellow wing is layered.

I have added the fabulous "Googly Eyes" to my Bird Card, and I got mine from the local craft shop

Flat backed pearls and ribbons can also be used to finish these off.

Both of my cards have had a PC generated sentiment added to the front of them.

You could stamp out one if that is better for you but make yours appropriate to the occasion 

An easy card to make, so I hope you will give it a try, and get the kids involved too. It's good way to spend some quality time with them on a wet afternoon

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