Batch Cardmaking

The concept of Batch Cardmaking may take you a while to get used too, but once you have organised your self into this way of working it can be a life saver especially, if you have lots of cards to make for one special occasion.

We all know how busy Christmas can get and even more so when others want you to make their cards for them too.

So if you are going to make a card that will need to be folded and embossed, stamped and coloured then it is just as easy to make half a dozen at the same time while you have everything already out

I created these six Christmas cards to give to my neighbours in more or less the same amount of time it would have taken me to make one of them

Batch Xmas Cards
Batch Doily Cards

Make ready all the equipment that you will need, so that you aren't running around looking for stamps,  ink pads or glitter.

Then start logically with the card and cut or fold it all to the size and orientation that you are going to need to make the cards

Have other batch sessions for all the various parts you will need

Get all the background stamping done first. Then all the verses, all the die cutting, make all the toppers and do any colouring of your images in another previous batch session before you start so that they are all ready to simply add to your cards.

Let the video give you some guidance and the more of this type of card making you do the easier it will become.

This group of Thank You cards are all completed with the same stamp and sentiment but I have varied he colours on each one 

The flower is stamped direct to the white layer then added to the coloured mat before being added to the white top folded base card

Batch Cardmaking
Character Cards

These character birthday cards would be ideal to give to the children in your life.

Or for them to give to their friends

Vary the characters in your Batch Cardmaking 

Keep the cards flat and simple and add them all, complete with envelopes,  to a clear acetate gift box. 

Add in a lovely bright pen to complete your gift

Batch Bird Crazy Cards

They would then have a stack of cards ready to send to their friends throughout the year, with the envelope and all they need to do add is add the stamp to go with it and it's ready to send and this would be a lovely and practical gift for someone

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