A special Baby Bootees Box...
...to send your gift

Have you made the boots?

Well here is a Baby Bootees Box to send them in.

Baby Bootees

If you have had a go at making the Baby Bootees then you are going to need a box to send them in.

As they are made from a light material then I would recommend that they be hand given as a gift as I don't think they would fair very well being thrown around in the post

It isn't a difficult project but the box needs to be deep enough to house the boots.

And the base of the box will need to made slightly smaller than the top so that it will fit inside it.

Only work with one set of measurements. DON'T mix metric and Imperial as it will not work 

Baby bootees in the box

Take two A4 cards and start with the top.

(A4 is 21 x 29.5cms) (8 1/2 x 11/ 3/4 ins)

From one of the short sides you are going to remove about 5cms (2ins)

Now working with the large piece that you have measure in from each of the sides by 6.4cms (2 1/2ins) (The red dashed line)

Once you have done this score and fold all the sides inwards.

From each of the flaps you will need to remove a small "V" (as shown in the photo)

Using a wet glue apply some to each of the cut flaps, you can just see the glue in the photo.

Fold the flaps inside the box and use paper-clips to hold them in place while the glue dries.

Cutting the "V" into the card removes some of the bulk and makes the edges of your bow line up better

Go ahead and make the Base for the box in the same way but remember to make it slightly smaller than the top or it won't fit inside.

Baby bootees gift box

And there you will have your pretty Bootees Gift Box.

This little project can be used for a baby shower, either to give to the recipient or to announce your own party. For a Christening, or to welcome a new arrival.

It could even be for a First Birthday with an extra gift added to the inside of the boot.

I hope you will give them a try and see what you come up with.

It is a fun and easy idea but quite effective 

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