Antiques, made while you wait !!

by Peter Gill
(Hull Yorkshire)

I'm a 76 year old Widower and thought I'd try my hand at making cards. If women can do it, so can I,HA HA!!

I bought the basics and got cracking, this was only 4 weeks ago!

I found your Website Christina, a good job too, otherwise I'd still be sat staring at a blank card! I've made about a dozen so far ranging from-"why did I bother!" to "well it's OK I suppose!"

A local card making lady said, "They're not half Bad." Which half she was referring to I'm not sure.

My Grand daughter came to see me the other day, She's a twenty year old pensioner-cheeky devil.

"Why does this card open on the left then Granddad?" I'd got the front upside down,"Ah erm," ... I had to think on my feet, "It's for the Continental market,they do everything on the left over there!"

"Pull the other one Granddad, you've got it upside down."

I shall have to find out how to upload stuff because I'm a bit wary about computers.

Christina says ...

What a fabulous story and it really made me laugh .. but we have all been there Peter so you are not on your own.

I am so glad that you have found my website and even more happy that you enjoy it as it was designed especially for new people just like you.

Up-loading cards is easy as long as you are storing them somewhere on your PC. I use Picasa to store all mine and it is FREE for you to download.

There is a link on my website for you to get the latest version and you will find it in ...

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Dec 06, 2014
Antiques, made while you wait !!

Hello Peter

Firstly I love your title!!

I had exactly the same problems as yourself.

Please read my comments about my my beginnings on this site under the title of "Edith's Embroidered Cards" on Card Making Gallery.
Keep it up you will get there eventually, believe me you will.

Dec 05, 2014
Where's the card?
by: Arlene

Maybe you didn't upload it or maybe my comp is playing up, I hope we get to see it, You made me laugh as I'm on the same wave length, I spent ages making a triple stamping card and did the same thing, I could weep if I didn't laugh at the gaffs I've made, the stuff I've bought and don't know what to do with it, the hours (?) not quite but long time I sit and stare at a piece of card and wonder what I'm going to do with it, maybe you know this, but Pinterest is a good place to find inspiration for ideas with many of them having the blogs to show how, BUT, you can't go far wrong by exploring this site as it's a goldmine of info. with Christina always there if you need help.
Keeeeeep crafting.

Dec 05, 2014
Antiques made while you wait!!
by: veronica

What a great story about getting the card the wrong way round, welcome to the club. Think everyone of us has done that and more than once I can assure you.
Sites lie Christine's are such a blessing for tuition, ideas and just about anything else you need to know. Crafters are such a lovely, friendly bunch no matter what level of skills they have. Sharing seems to be the by word and it makes for a big family feeling.
I know I'm not 'artistic' so need ideas from sites like this to give me ideas and then I can play around with it till I make something that is mine.
A tip if you ever make a card the wrong way round again....cut off the front and use it on a larger card. Hope that helps.

Dec 05, 2014
Learning card making
by: Marion

Good for you. Don't think of the issues you mentioned as mistakes. A mistake is only an opportunity to learn something from experience. There are lots of sites with directions and ideas around the web so get on that computer and get ideas and directions. You Tube is a great way to learn but first you need to find artists you like and follow the links from the website to the correct you tube profile. I have been teaching paper arts for about 15 years now in my local community and learned the majority of my skills on line. Good luck and keep going.

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