Create Glitter Card

 Create Glitter Card is a short video tutorial that can can save you some expense if you like to add it to your designs.

The shops always have lots of glitter and it comes in many colours for you to use in a new way to get this look for yourself

Glitter in many forms is something that many of us enjoy adding to our cards and creations.

It comes in may colours and textures from super fine and course to really chunky

I like to add it to the petals on my flowers to give a lovely sparkly effect, and a little goes such a long way.

Glitter card is also something that I like to use for different effects.

White glitter card can give a snow like appearance to any of your Christmas creations

Die cut snowflakes or Christmas trees for another look.

Use glitter card to die cut your sentiments.

But to buy it can work out to be quite expensive, especially if you like to use a lot of it.

And you don't want to run out of your favourite colour just as you are making that special card

Glitter Card

The way around always having some on hand is to buy lots of glitter that you like and then make create glitter card for your self.

My favourite glitter is Chameleon from Glitter Magic  as it goes with just about everything

It is also an excellent way to use up any leftover pieces of card and glitter to make smaller versions on it to be die cut.

A while ago I showed you in another video how to make some
Glitter Ribbons   using some of the double sided tape you may have in your "Stash"

Well this video will show you how to make it on a grander scale and use it any way you wish.

I have used some really pretty gold glitter for my card and stayed with the traditional Christmas colours.

But why don't you experiment with any colours that you have and see what you like the most.

Then you can do as I have done and cut them into strips, or use your dies to create some fancy shapes for you. 

Use them to mat and layer with to leave the sparkly border around the edge of your designs.

You will need some A4 sheets of double sided adhesive to make this card and of course glitter of your choice.

If you mix up your own shades and colours then remember to make enough to finish the project as the chance of you getting the mix the same again is hard.

Keep the mix in a separate container and label it with what you have used and the quantities ...(i.e. 2 parts silver to 1 part red)

But most of all have fun with this and create glitter card to use in the future 

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