Want to be more adventurous?...
...then try "Kinetic cards"

Kinetic cards are the new buzz words in the crafting world and the dictionary listing says it means .... "causing motion"

Have you admired the Waterfall Cards

Or wondered how to make Shaker Cards

Do you like the look of the Penny Slider Card that is always a hit with children?

How about hiding a message in the

Secret Panel Card

And the secrets are revealed of the Magic Slider Card Magic Slider Card

These pages will help you to keep the interest alive for your next creation, and with just the basics that you probably already have in your stash.

They are all easy to do, and do't be put off because some of them look a little daunting ... don't let that stop you having a go.

I have marked all the cards in this section with measurements and bold lines to show you what to do.

It's a good idea for you to do the same, on some spare card that you have. Make your marks easy for you to read and understand.

Make a Template and keep it safe, and then use it for future reference.

Because when you haven't made a card for some time you may forget the steps you need, and this will refresh your memory.

Practise with the techniques first, until you feel confident to let yourself loose on your good stuff.

There are lots of adventurous ideas and more will be added as I go along.

There are also some Easy Projects for you to try, and some papercrafting ideas too.

Click the Links to other pages with step by step instructions on how to make the featured Kinetic cards.

Then stand back and glow in the praise as your friends admire the work that you have done.

A lot of these cards are also in the Video Tutorials section.


Rocking Card
Secret Panel Card
Moving Cards
Magic Slider Card
Tent Card
Spinner Card
Flip Card
Shutter Card
Shaker Cards
Waterfall Cards
Swing Card
Penny Slider Cards
Push Pull Me Card
Never Ending Card
Shaped cards
Pocket Card
Concertina Card
Easy Cardmaking Projects
Card Making Projects

Cardmaking Tutorials


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