The Twisted Easel Card ...
...for another slant on things.

The Twisted Easel Card is another way to create this lovely card fold

I hope you have given the Easel card a try...and don't forget the Double version too.

And there are also the steps to create the Double Twisted Easel.
Triple Easel
Triple Twisted Easel
Quad Easel
Gatefold Easel

So I am sure you will agree that there are quite a few variations of the card for you to try.

Here are the steps needed to complete this look.

Step 1

You will need to fold your card into a square.

(Mine is 15cms)(6")

Step 2

You will also need another piece of card the same size as your card square.

Leave this to one side for now.

Step 3

Open the card out and take the top left corner and fold it into the centre.

This creates the easel part to the card.

Step 4

Apply a wet glue to the lower part of this triangle only or you will not be able to open the card as an easel.

(As shown in the photo)

Step 5

Add the other square of card to this glue and press in place.

It will now look like the photo, and you can see that the easel is twisted on the base card.

Step 6

Line the base with some pretty paper and choose the sentiment you need.

Mat and layer it onto some of the card and paper you have used and add it to the base on foam pads to raise it up.

This is the piece that will hold the easel open for you.

Decorate the rest of your card however it pleases you.

Use any embellishments that you have in your ever growing "Stash"

I have added flowers... glitter... pearls... and some really fine twine wrapped aorund the Spellbinder Oval.

A really pretty Twisted Easel Card that can be for any occasion.

Have fun!

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