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As this website grows I will be adding new techniques and ideas for you to try, and as it is aimed at new card makers I have tried to keep things easy to follow.

Some of the terms may not be known to you, I know how I had to learn what each different thing was when I started and some times it's not easy finding the explanation.

But it is a very rewarding hobby and one I am sure you will enjoy. So if you don't know where to start then read and enjoy these pages and try some of the projects and ideas you will find.

They will help you to put together a card that you will be proud to give and to say "I made it!"

Try some of the different folds and shapes, and more will be added as I learn them too.

I can't say enough that you don't need any special skills, this is something you can do and is a great way to spend some of your spare time.

I started card making as a hobby but it soon becomes addictive, and your "stash" will grow rapidly.

I have tried to give you some ideas on how to store your precious bits and pieces, and I am now getting contributions from visitors to the website, and for that I thank you sincerely.

I also have a new blogspot and I would love you to join the growing band of followers over there too.

Flowers Ribbons and Pearls

Building this website is not something I ever thought I could do....but here I am. So it is a new adventure for me and one I hope you will participate in.

Please add your contributions and help to make it grow. If there is something as a new card maker you would like to know then please ask.

I will try to answer all your queries, and perhaps some one else, that visits these pages may also have an answer for you.

And if you are a seasoned card maker then please share your knowledge and expertise with those who want to learn.

Majestic Labels Eight

Majestic Labels Eight from Spellbinders for more ways to create beautiful cards

Continue reading "Majestic Labels Eight"

Spellbinders Strip Box

Perfect for adding a gift too - Spellbinders Strip Box

Continue reading "Spellbinders Strip Box"

Gansai Tambi Water Colors

Rich and creamy Gansai Tambi Water Colors for beautiful results

Continue reading "Gansai Tambi Water Colors"

Peerless Water Colors

Peerless Water Colors for beautiful effects to any of your projects

Continue reading "Peerless Water Colors"


MISTI to help you ge the very best from your stamps every time

Continue reading "MISTI"

Sitemap for webpages.

This Sitemap lists all the pages, to help you find your way around the Website

Continue reading "Sitemap for webpages."

Alphabet Christmas Card

Make this Alphabet Christmas Card and put those dies to good use

Continue reading "Alphabet Christmas Card"

Create Glitter Card

Create Glitter Card as you need it for yourself and always have the sparkly stuff on hand for any of your designs

Continue reading "Create Glitter Card"

Tea Light Rose

I saw the “Tea Light” candle so I made my own with the supplies I had. I have added pictures for the each of the steps so it would make sense to you.

Continue reading "Tea Light Rose"

All is not lost ;)

I started making cards this year and love it. I get my best inspiration when making a card for someone I know. I made a card inspired by you, Christina,

Continue reading "All is not lost ;)"

Easy Card Fold

This is an Easy Card Fold for you to try especially if you are new to this lovely hobby.

Continue reading "Easy Card Fold"

Cleaning scissors and craft knifes

As an ex hairdresser I know the only thing to get hair laquer off mirrors is methylated spirit no smears either it's also very good for getting all the

Continue reading "Cleaning scissors and craft knifes"

Create a Gift Box

Create a Gift Box to add your special items too

Continue reading "Create a Gift Box"

Pop Up Box

Create this beautiful Pop Up Box and then dress it any way you please

Continue reading "Pop Up Box"

Brusho Crystal Colours

For deep vibrant effects try Brusho Crystal Colours

Continue reading "Brusho Crystal Colours"

Distress Ink Background

Create this lovely Distress Ink Background to suit your theme from supplies you may already have

Continue reading "Distress Ink Background"

Spellbinders Pop Up Box

Create this beautiful Spellbinders Pop Up Box and decorate it how you wish.

Continue reading "Spellbinders Pop Up Box"

Golden Moments

The upcoming wedding anniversary of an elder brother of mine prompted me to make this card. I have used a simple technique that of a twisted easel. It's

Continue reading "Golden Moments"

New Born Special Combo

In anticipation of the arrival of a new born baby from a family member of mine, I decided to make this special baby card. Of course the concept of making

Continue reading "New Born Special Combo"

Lovely Hearts

I have always thought of making cards with love shapes, it had been like a fantasy but now am glad it is a reality. I finally came up with this red nighty

Continue reading "Lovely Hearts"

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