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As this website grows I will be adding new techniques and ideas for you to try, and as it is aimed at new card makers I have tried to keep things easy to follow.

Some of the terms may not be known to you, I know how I had to learn what each different thing was when I started and some times it's not easy finding the explanation.

But it is a very rewarding hobby and one I am sure you will enjoy. So if you don't know where to start then read and enjoy these pages and try some of the projects and ideas you will find.

They will help you to put together a card that you will be proud to give and to say "I made it!"

Try some of the different folds and shapes, and more will be added as I learn them too.

I can't say enough that you don't need any special skills, this is something you can do and is a great way to spend some of your spare time.

I started card making as a hobby but it soon becomes addictive, and your "stash" will grow rapidly.

I have tried to give you some ideas on how to store your precious bits and pieces, and I am now getting contributions from visitors to the website, and for that I thank you sincerely.

I also have a new blogspot and I would love you to join the growing band of followers over there too.

Flowers Ribbons and Pearls

Building this website is not something I ever thought I could do....but here I am. So it is a new adventure for me and one I hope you will participate in.

Please add your contributions and help to make it grow. If there is something as a new card maker you would like to know then please ask.

I will try to answer all your queries, and perhaps some one else, that visits these pages may also have an answer for you.

And if you are a seasoned card maker then please share your knowledge and expertise with those who want to learn.

Make this Kimono card and decorate in the Oriental style.

Make a template for the Kimono Card and use whenever you need a card with an Oriental feel.

Continue reading "Make this Kimono card and decorate in the Oriental style."

Acetate Front Card Tutorial.

This Acetate Front Card Tutorial will create a stunning design

Continue reading "Acetate Front Card Tutorial."

Golf Bag Card

I've been fairly successful at being able to avoid making men's cards . . . until now. My brother's 70th birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and he

Continue reading "Golf Bag Card"

A birthday card for my daughter

I have made this card for my young daughter and I have used an embossing folder to make the body of the card. I also use a Spellbinder to frame my card.

Continue reading "A birthday card for my daughter"

For a music teacher

My sister asked me to make a birthday card for a music teacher. I wanted to make something suitable for this person who was a stranger to me. I had

Continue reading "For a music teacher"

Vintage Car

I wanted to make a special card for my husband’s birthday. I purchased the mini kit for this card from craftsuprint card-making mini-kits You will work

Continue reading "Vintage Car"

Gold Wedding Card

This has been done with A4 size card, 2 Matt finish gold, 2 gold mirror card, 2 silk cream card, and the use of Spellbinders Grand Stately Circle. I made

Continue reading "Gold Wedding Card "

Using Glues

Using Glues in a fun way for a totally different effect.

Continue reading "Using Glues"

Christmas Decorations ? Who needs 'em !!

Following slowly on after my Antiques story, I bought some Glitter. I thought I would add a bit of sparkle to my creations. Not a good decision on my part.

Continue reading "Christmas Decorations ? Who needs 'em !!"

Die Cutting Tips

Problems with your die templates? Then die cutting tips will help you to solve them

Continue reading "Die Cutting Tips"

Antiques, made while you wait !!

I'm a 76 year old Widower and thought I'd try my hand at making cards. If women can do it, so can I,HA HA!! I bought the basics and got cracking, this

Continue reading "Antiques, made while you wait !!"

christmas snowglobe

I brought the snow globes CD from Debbie Moore website. Unfortunately she was retiring the CD so I got in before she removed them from the website and

Continue reading "christmas snowglobe "

Birthday Card made for a Friends Mom

I recently went to the craft show at the NEC and brought Tim Holtz distress inks for the first time and wow they are so versatile and easy to use. I have

Continue reading "Birthday Card made for a Friends Mom"

2014 Christmas Card for In-Laws

First of all, I'd like to thank Christina and everyone who made such lovely comments on my white on white 96 year Birthday Card. I'll be sending that

Continue reading "2014 Christmas Card for In-Laws"

Pinhole edging

I liked the pinhole edging I saw on some cards, but when I realized I had to buy a special ruler and painstakingly prick at intervals I decided to have

Continue reading "Pinhole edging"

A very special birthday card for a friend

I made this card using quite a few of the techniques used on the tutorials on this website. I have been making cards for about ten years, sometimes I

Continue reading "A very special birthday card for a friend"

Gatefold card and Tealight candle card

I am a big of Christina. Her tutorials are so simple and easy to follow that I want to try out all her cards :) I made a gate fold card as a congratulatory

Continue reading "Gatefold card and Tealight candle card"

Do the last first

I am still a novice card maker and it seems like the times I am likely to mess up my cards happen in the very last stages of making the card. Now I

Continue reading "Do the last first"

25 years of bonding

I have been awestruck by the trellis card by Christina and wanted to try. Opportunity knocked my door as my son's friend wanted a special card for his

Continue reading "25 years of bonding"

Tealight Candle Card Tutorial

Easy to follow the Tealight Candle Card Tutorial.

Continue reading "Tealight Candle Card Tutorial"

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