Combining Dies

Being ever mindful of the cost of buying Spellbinders, or any other dies that we may use,  we need to build our collection carefully and be selective in the dies that we buy.

Combining Dies is the perfect solution to making them work 

We need to make sure that we can get many uses from each  and not just in the way that is obvious.

Once you have used the die, as it is intended, then look again and think outside the box at what else you can do to create something new from the same die. 

Don't be afraid to cut up the die cuts to produce something totally different for your designs. Any of your larger dies will make lovely smaller cards with a snip of the scissors.

Cut two panels and twist one of them in a different direction for another look, especially good with infill dies that you may have

So in these videos we are going to be combining dies that we have used in previous videos 

And by combining any of our die sets we are going to make sure that we have our monies worth from these dies

And don't forget that one companies dies will work just a s well with another company, and the results can be completely unique

So what do we need ?

Good quality card for your base

Good quality coloured card of your choice

Die cutting machine

Foam pads/tape for dimension


Embellishments of your choice

 Card 7 -- Creating a Frame

 Card 8 -- Filigree Infill

There are many dies, from myself and  other companies, that can create a frame for you and make a beautiful infill for that frame.
And at the end of the page I have added in a list of dies that will play nicely together and they are from

Card Making Magic

All my collections, and there are many to choose from, are available at
Craft Stash

I hope you have enjoyed creating and combining dies to make yet more beautiful designs and I hope you will make many more in the same style

Vary the colours and get a different look and use specialised card too, like glitter card, mirror card or some of the lovely foiled cards that are around.

You will find pages on the website that will help you with making your own glitter card or creating some stunning backgrounds for your self to make all your creations stand out.

But most of all enjoy what you are doing and be proud of the cards you are making 

Spellbinders 123

Spellbinders Extra

Combining Dies

Floral Cards 

Background Dies

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