Some Special Occasions coming, and another excuse to make some cards!

Hi everybody,

Already into February and of course some really "Special Occasions" are on the horizon, and another excuse for you to make more cards.

The first one of course is Valentines Day

Which is always the time to say "I Love You" and a card you make yourself says it so well.

Then in March there will be Mothers Day, and I will making some new cards for that day and sharing the ideas with you.

Easter is another special time, and the chocolate can be sent with a card too.

Mind you chocolate is fine even without a card!! Yeeees!

And not forgetting any birthdays or other occasions that are personal to you.

All these will need to be planned for and the sooner you make a start the more cards you will be able to do.

But there are lots of new ideas on the website to help you produce some stunning effects to your own creations.

Have a look at the tutorial to help you make some folded paper shirts, they can be added to cards or used as an invitaion to a party, click here for the page.

Paper Weaving, Mini Envelopes, and a lovely Baby Pram Card are all ideas that you may like to try, and I promise you they are easy to do.

Here is the link to the Basic Cardfolds Tutorial, to give you some ideas on what to do with that blank card, the one that is just sitting in front of you...daring you to bend it!

Dressing it up is covered by lots of other pages on the website.

If you are lucky enough to have some "Spellbinders" dies, then I have shown you some ways in which to get two cards from the same image printed off a few times.

There are

Pyramage Cards and to make use of the waste, that is often left over from this style of card, some Invertage Cards.

I have added lots more to the website and it is well worth a visit, so please browse around.

Once again I want to thank everybody for some more fabulous emails, it is lovely to know you are out there. I have visitors from all over the world and I really do think that this website is the best adventure I have ever been on.

But without your support it wouldn't be posible, so thanks again.

And a special thank you to the lovely people that send me the photographs of the creations they have made. They are all wonderful. Keep them coming please, it is an honour to get them.

There are lots more interesting and fun projects in the pipeline, but they all take time, so please pop back often to keep up to date with them all.

Best wishes

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