Share a card for a Special Occasion.

I am so excited about this new project on the website that I just have to share it with you all.

You see I have now added an area where you can take part in this website and share the pictures of the cards you make.

This particular page is called "Special Occasion" and on it you can show us the card and tell us the story behind the creation of it.

What was the occasion and who was it for? What was the reaction to the card? and how did you feel? How long did it take you? and what were some of the things you used?

I would love a great response to this invitaion please, and it will mean you have created your own webpage for all you family and friends to view.

You will also get feedback from other visitors who see it, and you can leave your own comments on theirs too. It's not hard to do... just go to the invite on the Special Occasion page and type in your story.

Give your card a name so that you will be able to identify it on the page, and upload the photo as normal. Just make sure it's not too big though, or it can't be accepted.

Then you will shortly be notified that your card has been accepted to the site, and there will be a link for you to go directly to the page and see your own work.

I will be adding invitations in the future for you to show me the results from any of the projects you have tried, from the website, and for you to tell me what you think. All feedback is welcome to help me make my website better for you, my visitors.

Please think about taking part and

adding your story here...

The Special Occasion here was for a "25th Wedding Anniversary" and it was very well recived.

I made it for them and I was overjoyed at the response.

The couple were absolutely delighted by it, and showed all their friends, and of course from this, more orders for other memory books where recieved!!


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