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Card-making-magic, Issue #060 -- I'm So Excited !! ...
July 27, 2014

I'm So Excited ...

Hi Everybody,

I can't believe that this newsletter is number 60 and that the time has passed by so quickly. I have enjoyed every moment of building this website and sending out my news each month.

But ticking away in the background there have been some really exciting things happening to me and all because of Card Making Magic

If you have followed me regularly then it will be no surprise to you to know that my passion is for die cutting and the beautiful effects that they can give to your cards.

I enjoy making fancy cards and each day I add a new card to the blog pages at ... Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls

But over the last few weeks things have moved very quickly for me and I have been invited to join the Spellbinders Team ... and they sent me for a screen test with Create and Craft TV.

Now that was very scary but I am so happy to say that everything went well and everybody was happy with my "performance"

So on the 29th July at 12 Noon I will be on Create and Craft TV giving a demonstration with Spellbinders Holiday dies ... and they are gorgeous.

If you are available then perhaps you would tune and watch the show and maybe send in a little email to support what I am doing ... and maybe win one of the cards made on the show

And don't forget that each Friday on the blog I give away a card that I have made and to win one you just need to leave me a comment

Make a note in your diary please and join me on Create and Craft TV ... Tuesday 29th July at 12 Noon

The Spellbinders Video Tutorials that were previously with The Art Studio are now on a special page on Card Making Magic and if you click the link it will take you to the page.

Each class has a summary of the content and each class is priced at $9.99 (about £5 GBP) but within the class you will be making at least two cards

Spellbinders Tuition

So lots of good and exciting thing happening and lots more to come in the future

I hope you will stay with me on this journey through "Live" TV and keep your fingers crossed that I don't mess up ....

I love to get any of your comments ... either on the blog or on Facebook and if you email me I will always respond.

But if you don't hear back from me then check that you have sent me your correct email address or that I am not in your junk folder

Click the link to the blog below and take a peek ... and maybe enter your name for the Give Aways or the Friday Freebie

Flowers Ribbons and Pearls

There are many of my cards for sale in my Etsy Shop and from this I am also getting a lot of requests to make cards for Special occasions ... and that is something I really enjoy doing

Updates ...

YouTube continues to grow and is now at ... 3,994,476 views with an amazing 19,585 followers... and I couldn't be happier as it rolls towards the four million mark .

If you visit YouTube please let me know what you thought of the video tutorial you have watched in the comments box below it

Facebook is also there for you to click the "Like" button and leave me more of your comments, stories or questions... and that has also notched up over 4500 followers.

And finally ... can I ask that if you do add photos to the Gallery Pages that you identify yourself the same each time you do.

So if you are say Christina Griffiths from Blackpool UK that the next time you add photos you don't become Chris UK ... as that is very confusing.

I may have several Marys, Emilys or Annes and in order for me to add your photos to your page and not someone elses then I need to know exactly who you are.

And I cannot accept entries from Anonymous either ... so please add your name

Thank you in advance xx

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