Warming Up ...

Hi Everybody,

The weather is getting better where I am and I hope it is the same for you in your part of the world.

It will soon be time for picnics and BBQ's again and lazy days in the garden ... that's always hoping that the summner will be a good one in the UK.

My husband and I are planning a few days away later this month and we are going to Edinburgh for a short break. It is somewhere we have been meaning to go to for quite some time and both of us are really looking forward to the break.

But I have been busy adding new items to the website and I hope you have enjoyed them all.

There have been three more videos added to the Spellbinder Series

These tutorials have been so popular and I have had lots of emails asking for more videos using different sets of dies.

These beautiful flowers have all been made with the new Bitty Blossoms dies and they really make a focal point to your cards.

In the mix of this spray there is also the Spiral Blossome 3 and the Floral Flourishes for adornment.

I also added a new video that creates a card that will amuse any children that are lucky enough to get one of your creations.

It is easier to do than it first seems and kids love it as they can't figure out how it is done.

Magic Slider Card has been on the website for sometime but I have had many emails asking for the video version as that is how many of us prefer to learn ... me included !!

The cards have been around for a long time and I hope you will try making one ... if only to watch the look on a childs face when they get the card.

This is another project that has been turned into a video tutorial and I know it says ...."with Spellbinders" but it is just as good without them.

The tutorial takes you step by step to alter the notebook ... it is only certian elements that are created with the Spellbinders, and they can omitted if you don't have them. Altered Notebook

It is an inexpensive note book that has been jazzed up and makes a very pretty, very easy to do gift for those last minute fillers that you may need to send.

There are many ideas, techniques and tutorials, both written and in video format for you to try and so if you do plan a spot of crafting over the Summer then maybe there will be something there to catch your eye.

I would be delighted if you would consider adding your card photos to the Gallery and share with everybody your own personal creations.

Now I know that I have made this request before ... but at the risk of being boring I am asking again .... Please write a description of how you made the card, what you used, and also the size of the finished creation so that others can see what you have done and copy it ... if they want too.

I am still getting the submissions with just one line and I have to say that it won't be added to the gallery if it is.

So I apologise if it is not included ... but at least you will be able to work out why ... and add it again, with more info if you want to see it published on your own page.

Another request is to please add your name into the box when you make a comment on someone elses submission as it is much more friendly than being " ... anonymous !!"

Good News ...

The update on YouTube is now over 2000 followers and over 700,000 views ao I am well on the way to the 3/4 Million mark and I am amazed.

The "Blog" is also going well and I would be so happy if you would pop over there and if you wanted to join the gang then I would be really pleased to see your name in the list.

Click the image and it will take you to the new look Blog which has had a complete make over since last month.

Flowers Ribbons and Pearls

If you would all become followers then it would really take off and there are plenty of newsletter readers to swell the ranks.

So go on ... come and join my gang .... please, Pretty Please !!

And don't forget to visit me on Facebook and help to grow that area too.

There is a link to the Facebook page on the Blog as well.

So now I will say Thank You so much for all your support. It is a real pleasure to read all your emails and get to know some of you more.

I am never too busy to answer them and I will always respond to any that I get. Just email ... christina@card-making-magic.com ... any time for a chat I hope you will continue to visit the website, Facebook and the Blog in the future.

Thanks also for the wonderful submissions to the gallery and I hope I haven't upset anyone with my earleir requests... that is never my intention.

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