Some new ideas for you to try... adventurous!

Hi everybody,

That "Special" time of year is nearly with us again and for the card maker it is a very busy time.

There are some fabulous goodies on the market, which are sure to delight every body. Take a browse around the craft shops and see for yourself all the papers and card in all the traditional colours. Some of the Christmas stamps are just out of this world.

But why not try some thing differnt this year and go for the pastels or funky colour schemes.

I keep an old diary handy each year and jot down the colour and style of cards I send out. That way I eliminate the risk of sending the same type of card twice. It's a simple idea, but very effective.

Do you have a lot of friends and family to make the cards for? Are you running out of ideas? Well hopefully I can offer some inspiration on the pages of my website.

Don't forget that a simple card sketch can help you plan out your creation, and if it is in different colours then it will always look unique.

But there are also new ways to make the cards. Easy folds to try and some more adventurous ideas to add movement to your cards.

I have been busy trying out these ideas and then, because my website is aimed at people who are new to card making, I have tried to make the instructions easy to follow.

But I hope you will become a little more adventurous now and give these new ideas a whirl.

In step by step chunks I have given you the details of how to recreate the

Kinetic cards which are sure to delight your recipient.

And why not try the lovely waterfall cards Just add your own Christmas colours and any images that you want to use.

They can be a real surprise to your recipint if you stamp a hidden message on each of the different flaps.

So have some fun getting your cards ready for Christmas and I hope you get some well deserved praise for your efforts.

I would love to see what you make at this time of year, and of course any other time too. Send me the photos, and your stories in the invitations on the website.

I would like to say a really big thank you to the people who have sent me articles. Your cotributions and your support is very much appreciated.

Hugs Christina x

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