Coloring Ribbons and Flowers

Coloring ribbons and flowers will show you how to get the perfect match for any of your designs.

 Never be stuck again for that elusive shade that you want and just don't happen to have in your "Stash"

The ribbon on this card started life as plain white organza. It is a lovely soft ribbon from Mei Flower

 Once you start to buy ribbon in color and patterns the cost goes up and some of it can be quite expensive.

So the cost effective way has to be buy white ribbon and color it your self.

And once colored then the video tutorial
 Adding Flowers to Your Cards will show you how to get a really pretty look 

So how do I do this I hear you asking ????

You will need some alcohol refill ink and the short video will show you the technique.

But if you don't have any refill inks then you can use the inside from a dry felt tip pen instead. 

These plain white flowers from  Wild Orchid Crafts  have all been altered using the Spectrum Noir Refill inks to give them a different look to match my cards.

The yellow is CT4 ... the pink is PL2 and the blue is TB4

The leaves are using two greens DG2 and DG4.

Once they are dry I will add some glitter to the petals and then they can be added in a beautiful corsage for my cards.

You may want to do this for your scrap book pages, journals or simply as home decor.

And the technique works just as well on satin ribbons, lace, felt, card, and many other materials that the card maker might use.

The Isopropyl Alcohol is from the chemist shop and you may need to ask them to order it for you.

It smells quite strong too so work in a well ventilated area and keep it away from the children.

Another important point is that it is flammable so if you use a cloth or paper towels to clean up then leave them spread out to dry before you put or throw them away.

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