Color Class Yellows

The six pens sets are very easy to work with and this Color Class Yellows will show you how to get the best from that particular group.

Use them to add dimension to characters , flowers, sunsets and so much more.

 Build up your confidence by working your way through the other tutorials in the Spectrum Noir Series of Color Class videos and get used to working with Alcohol Marker Pens.

If you are new to this particular medium then   Spectrum Noir Introduction will tell you more about this pen system.

And although there are 168 pens in the full collection you really don't need them all.

 Start your collection slowly until you are happy with what you have and have fun as you work and learn

So grab a cuppa and scroll down to watch the video on Yellow pens from Spectrum Noir. 

The cute image I have used is from the CD "The Next Big Thing" and that is from Just Inklined

Sadly the CD is no longer available ...unless you can find a copy on Ebay ... but there are other CD's from the same company and they are just as good with really cute characters on them for you to color.

Just remember to print them off your PC in draft or gray-scale and allow the ink to dry before you start to stop the ink from bleeding into your pens.

The other colors I have covered in this series are ...

Ice Grays
Pale Hues

Each tutorial deals with the six pens in that particular set and will help to give you a grounding on each one.

Then as your confidence builds you can try some of the others that will cover pale and dark skin tones, hair, jeans and creating a background with them to match your designs.

There are more videos to be added as I work my way through all the six pen sets so I hope you will come back and join me for more in the coming months.

You will also find me more videos on the Spectrum Noir website at...
Spectrum Noir 

And also at my online classes with The Art Studio 

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