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Card-making-magic, Issue #078 Amazing News
October 24, 2017

Amazing News !!

Hi Everybody,

I haven't sent out a newsletter for a while but the reason will become apparent when I tell you what I have been doing.

As you may know I have been on the Craft Stash Design Team for quite some time and I cover lots of the new products that they supply.

I also cover four of the Crafting Magazines that are brought on to the market for you each month.

With the four mags I make videos that show you what is in the pages and the gift that will be with each one

A few months ago I was asked by Craft Stash to come up with some designs for my own brand of dies and stamps and that is why I have been absent for a while

But last Friday all my dreams came true when Card Making Magic - Christina Collection was launched

It gives me the greatest of pleasure to show you my new collection.

The main part is the Complete 5x7" Card & Box Die Set which will help you to make the most fabulous boxes to match the cards that you make ... all in one easy to use die set.

I am adding videos to show you how to make the box in two styles and how the clever card die will work too.

Plus lots of videos with ideas on how to incorporate the other dies in the collection to make beautiful cards and boxes that will fit together perfectly every time

There are Butterflies and Flowers that have matching stamps to make them come to life even more.

And beautiful Trellis panels to add that special touch to your card and box. And so many ways in which everything can be used.

This is the link

YouTube Channel for you to check them out. And there is a "Christina Collection" Playlist where I have added all the video using the collection and will be adding a lot more

If you enjoy the videos then please give it the "Thumbs Up" that lets YouTube know that you enjoy this kind of video

So just a little about the Card Making Gallery If you buy anything from the collection then I would love to see it so please consider adding your photos to the Gallery

You will need to add some information too when you add photos. If they are just a one line descriptions I am sorry but I cannot accept them.

The reason is because I get emails from people asking me how it was done and of course I don't know because I haven't made it. You may know how you made "Mums Birthday Card ..." but no one else does

You don't need to write an essay but some basic details would help. Materials used and any dies that you have used too.

Please tell us something about yourself and how you made the card, and remember that a one line description tells visitors nothing....

On the blog each week I have a Friday Freebie, and at the moment I am adding it the gift that came with the magazine and was used to make the card

That is your chance to win one of the cards I make and all you need to do is leave me a comment ... to the blog page and NOT on Facebook

It doesn't matter if you have won a card previously or even where you live .. I am happy to send the card to you anywhere at my expense.

You will need to come back the next morning to see if it is you as I have no way to contact you if you win

I cannot chase you up... and you only have 72 hours in which to claim it and if you don't you will lose it to someone else

I have added a Winners Page for you to check for your name and also past winners.

Updates ...

YouTube followers continue to rise and I really appreciate all the comments. I know have over 48,875 followers who have looked at my videos 9,276,798 times and I would like to thank all who have left me wonderful comments

Please become a subscriber so that you will get notification whenever I add a new tutorial and as I add them each week ... sometimes two or three !!

Thank you as always for your support with both the website and the blog

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