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Card-making-magic, Issue #076 - Where does time go ??
February 07, 2017

Where does time go ??

Hi Everybody,

I can't believe it is February already so could somebody tell where did January go to please. They say it passes quicker the older you get well I must be ancient coz it is simply whizzing past.

I have been really busy with the videos I am doing for Moremags that shows you what is coming up in the magazine freebies for the next month.

There are some amazing gifts on the way in future issues so at least having that sneaky peak in the videos will let you make your mind up about whether this is a magazine that you would like

I have had lots of lovely comments letting me know that you appreciate the videos so I am happy with that.

Pop over to my blog to see more ideas on the gifts and there are lots more on the videos on my YouTube Channel for you to check them out.

If you enjoy the videos then please give it the "Thumbs Up" that lets YouTube know that you enjoy this kind of video

So just a little about the Card Making Gallery for those that are new to my website. Thank you for adding your projects but if they are just one line descriptions I am sorry but I cannot accept them.

The reason is because I get emails from people asking me how it was done and of course I don't know because I haven't made it.

You don't need to write an essay but some basic details would help. Size of the finished card, materials used and any dies that you have used too.

But please tell us something about yourself how you made the card as one line tells visitors nothing....

So if you have added a card lately and it does not show up then if you added one line then that is the reason it's not there

Each week I have a Friday Freebie. That is your chance to win one of the cards I make and all you need to do is leave me a comment ... to the blog page and NOT on Facebook

It doesn't matter if you have won a card previously or even where you live .. I am happy to send the card to you anywhere at my expense.

You will need to come back the next morning to see if it is you as I have no way to contact you if you win

I cannot chase you up... and you only have 72 hours in which to claim it and if you don't you will lose it to someone else

I have added a Winners Page for you to check for your name and also past winners.

Flowers Ribbons and Pearls

Updates ...

YouTube followers continue to rise and I really appreciate all the comments. I know have over 43,000 followers who have looked at my videos over eight million times. Amazing stuff this YouTube !!

Please become a subscriber so that you will get notification whenever I add a new tutorial and as I add them each week usually on a Thurdsay

Thank you as always for your support with both the website and the blog

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