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Card-making-magic, Issue #066 --Time Flies
May 22, 2015

Time Flies ...

Hi Everybody,

First my apologies for not having written a newsletter for quite sometime but life is very chaotic at present with not enough hours in the day.

Whoever said retirement was the time to take things slower was wrong ... I have never done so much since I gave up going out to work over three years ago. And relive me I love it and I am not complaining

Being asked to join Spellbinders as an International Ambassador was the main highlight of last year and this year it has taken off ten fold.

It was the best thing I ever said Yes to and how my life has changed.

Another thing I have committed too is joining the Design Team for a new UK company called Craft Stash. Their aim is to be one of the largest on line suppliers of craft items and things are going really well.

You will find the link to their store on my blog pages at ...

Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls

On the blog the Tuesday Tutorial each week is well received and I add a new one each week. It is part of my commitment to Spellbinders and you all seem to enjoy the card that is produced

If there is anything that you wanted to find out about the dies that you have then drop me a line and if I have the die then I will hopefully give you some new ideas on how to use it.

There are lots of new dies coming onto the market and of course many of them are also being retired. I have no control over which dies stay and which dies go so please don't shoot the messenger !!

Each week on the blog pages I also give away one of the cards that I have made. I actually gave away ten pink cards one Friday to ten winners.

You will need to pop over there to enter for that but please remember that you can add any of your projects to the Gallery pages here on the website.

The process is very simple and you can add four photos at any one time. Either the same card from four different angles ... or four different cards.

Card Making Gallery

Leave me some details of how you made the card so that others can make it too.

I need more than one line to be able to add your cards. So please add in some detail or the card will not be accepted.

Tell us the size of the finished card ... what you used and how you embellished. Which technique have you used on the card and who did you make it for ... just some of the things you can include in your submission.

You will create your very own page on my website and many people will read it. And they will want the answers to those questions and only you can answer them.

So if you give the information as you add your cards then that will be beneficial to every body

And don't forget to add your name

One of the exciting things we have been doing over the last week is redesigning my work space. I was running out of storage and so my "Film Crew" has donned his builders hat again and made me a mobile storage unit that can be moved around.

It has made such a difference to the craft room. We have also bought some lighting to improve filming and so we are going to start making more videos to add to the website.

I hope you will take the time to view them and I hope that they will help you to create some beautiful cards in the future.

I will be adding some photos of the project to the blog

Flowers Ribbons and Pearls

Updates ...

My YouTube channel has grown to 26,666 followers and they have viewed the tutorials 5,194,417 times.

If you visit YouTube please let me know what you thought of the tutorial you have watched in the comments box below it

Facebook is also there for you to click the "Like" button and leave me more of your comments, stories or questions.

I am so happy that you continue to visit both the Blog and the Website on a regular basis and that you leave me such lovely comments

I do try to answer everyone but please take into account that I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may miss one of them

The International Ambassadors are having regular Blog Hops usually around the 15 th of the month and we like to feature new ideas, products and dies ... so please come and meet the other Ambassadors and leave them a comment too

Thank you for all your support past, present and future

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