Card-making with Picasa

Card-making with Picasa.

This is the most wonderful piece of editing software you can hope to find and it's FREE! Yipee! 

It's photo managing software that will store and find all the photos and films on your hard drive.

Stuff that you downloaded from your camera years ago and and couldn't find, well worry no more....

Picasa will find them all!.

Picasa puts them all into folders in a library for you to edit as and when you wish and the results are brilliant, even if you don't know anything about editing.

Get rid of red eye, clear up any marks on your photos that you don't want, straighten, sharpen, increase the colour and cropping are some of the basics you can perform with this fabulous software.

The collections are sorted by date and they can be renamed to something more memorable.

From this library you are able to make albums of your favorites and send them on to friends and relatives if you wish, via the web. The possibilities with your photos go on and on.

Card-making with Picasa = fabulous results.

The great delight of this free card-making software is to the crafter. I store all my downloadable papers in Picasa and from there I can change the colour or size of the paper, and then print off what I need.

I can even store them in a folder which I label "My work" and they are always there when I need to go back.

Don't like the yellow problem, just re-colour it with Picasa.

Don't need a full A4 problem, just re-size it with Picasa.

Want to write something on you paper or problem, Picasa can deal with all this, and more. 

When you have made some memorable cards, then take the photos and put them in Picasa. The memories are there then for all time, and you can send them on to your family and friends to see you beautiful handy work.

I like to make collages and save them, then I can see all the cards I made relating to a particular theme. I design cards for an internet company and I need to know what I have sent them. Collages keep track of all this for me.

There are several templates for the design of your collage, and when it's made you can use it as a screensaver if you would like.

Turn your photos into a slideshow, or a movie, a poster or just a personal desktop picture. Say one from your holiday, to remind you what the sun felt like on a wet and windy day.

Try the free download and play to your hearts content.

 Picasa is free software from Google.

The link opens in a new window. Picasa free from Google. 

Get the creative juices flowing and enjoy.

Then come back to me for more magic.......

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